Sunday, May 13, 2012

Preventing HIV Infection. HIV Prevention Facts

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HIV Prevention Facts
Slowing the Spread of HIV with These HIV Prevention Facts

HIV prevention is the key to slowing and stopping the HIV epidemic. And HIV prevention is up to all of us; we can't leave that responsibility with others. So here are some HIV prevention facts that will help you be responsibile and stay healthy and safe.
HIV Prevention - Ways to Reduce our Risk of HIV

Always Use Condoms
• always have condoms readily available (at your bedside, in your overnight bag, or in your purse)
• make sure your condoms fit properly
• talk to your partner about condomsto find what works for both of you

Be Picky When it Comes to Partners
• stay monogamous, avoiding anonymous "pick-ups" or sex partners
• sex and alcohol don't mix. One night of partying could cost you your health and change your life forever.
• get HIV tested if you haven't already.

Stop Sharing Needles and Injecting Drugs
• Join a drug treatment center to address your drug use problem.
• When you use drugs you get careless with regard to safer sex. The best way to reduce your risk of HIV transmission is to address your drug problem and not have sex under the influence of drugs.
• If you can't stop using drugs, never share needles or "works".

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