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Proper & Healthy Pet Care. Keeping You and Your Pet Healthy

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Proper and Healthy Pet Care
Keeping You and Your Pet Healthy

We have all heard the saying "a dog is a man's best friend". Indeed, pets provide comfort, love and have been shown to help people cope with illnesses and stresses. But in order to have a healthy environment, people living with HIV/AIDS need to know how to care for their pets in a way that is healthy for them as well as their animals. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow.

• Wash your hands often, especially before eating, drinking, smoking, or tending to wounds.
• Keep your pet's sleeping and eating area clean.
• Have your pets groomed often, keeping their skin and fur clean and healthy. Keep your pet's nails well-trimmed.
• Avoid contact with your pet's bodily fluids (urine, feces, vomit, saliva, etc). Wear disposable gloves when cleaning up after your pet.
• Keep your pets off kitchen surfaces such as counter tops. Clean surfaces with a mild disinfectant before using or before preparing food.
• Don't let your pet lick your face or any open wounds.
• Immediately clean and treat animal bites or scratches.
• Wash and rinse with warm water
• Disinfect with betadine, iodine, peroxide, etc.
• Apply over the counter antibiotic cream
• Keep clean and dry
Be alert for any redness, heat, swelling, or fever. If so consult your doctor immediately.
• Schedule regular check-ups for your pet at a veterinarian. Make sure your pet's shots are up to date and complete. Get a complete check-up for your pet before bringing him home for the first time.
• Do not feed your pet raw or undercooked meat.
• Don't let you pets near their own feces or other animal's feces.
• Keep your pet out of the garbage and don't allow him to drink from the toilet.

Keep in mind that even if your pet is healthy, it can expose you to potential infection and illness. Here are some specific guidelines for your pets.

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