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Does Needle Exchange Reduce HIV? Needle Exchange Programs

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Needle Exchange Programs
Do They Help Prevent HIV Infection?

Why Do We Need Needle Exchange?
More than a million people in the United States inject drugs, at a cost to society (in health care, lost productivity, accidents, and crime) of more than $50 billion a year. Obviously, people who inject drugs imperil their health. But if they become infected with HIV or Hepatitis C they also imperil their needle sharing partners, sexual partners and offspring as well.

One-third of all AIDS cases are linked to injection drug use. For women, 64 percent of all AIDS cases are due to injection drug use or sex with partners who inject drugs. Injection drug use is the source of infection for more than half of all children born with HIV.

Around the world and in more than sixty locations in the United States, needle exchange programs have sprung up to address drug injection risks. These programs:

• distribute clean needles
• safely dispose of used needles
• offer referrals to drug treatment
• offer HIV counseling and testing

Why Do Drug Users Share Needles?
The answer is as simple as supply and demand. Needle sharing is common in part because there are not enough needles and syringes to go around. The overwhelming majority of intravenous drug users (IVDUs) are aware of the HIV risk associated with sharing contaminated equipment. However, sterile needles are not always available or affordable and their physical and emotional need for injectable drugs clouds their better judgement.

Most US states have paraphernalia (items used to inject or use drugs) laws that make it a crime to possess or distribute drug paraphernalia not for a "legitimate medical purpose". If caught those that break these laws are subject to prosecution. In addition, ten states and the District of Columbia have laws that require a prescription to buy a needle and syringe. Even where over-the-counter sales of syringes are permitted by law, pharmacists are often unwilling to sell to IVDUs.

In July of 1992, the state of Connecticut passed a law permitting the purchase and possession of up to ten syringes without a prescription. After the new law went into effect, the sharing of needles among IVDUs decreased, indicating a shift from street needle and syringe purchasing to pharmacy purchasing. It's believed that such a shift could decrease HIV infection due to needle sharing.

How Can Injection Risks Be Reduced?
Getting drug injectors into treatment and off drugs is the best answer. Unfortunately, not all drug injectors are ready to quit. Even those who are highly motivated may find few drug treatment services available. Drug treatment centers frequently have long waiting lists and fewer than 15 percent of IVDUs are in treatment at any given time.

For those who cannot or will not stop injecting drugs, the best way to avoid spreading HIV is to use a sterile needle for each injection, or at the very least not to share needles. Users who share should disinfect their injection equipment thoroughly with bleach, although this is not as safe as always using a sterile needle and syringe.

Does Needle Exchange Encourage Drug Use?
There is no evidence that needle exchange programs increase the amount of drug use by needle exchange clients in the community in general. A study of a San Francisco needle exchange program that opened in 1988 found that from 1987 to 1992, frequency of injecting drugs among street-recruited IVDUs declined from 1.9 to 0.7 injections per day. The mean age of IVDUs increased from 36 to 42 years, and the percentage of new initiates into injection drug use dropped from three percent to one percent. Drug abuse and the recruitment of new or younger users did not increase in the presence of the exchange; in fact, the exchange may have helped decrease the amount of drug abuse in the area.

Does Needle Exchange Reduce the Spread of HIV?
Simply put, the answer is yes, almost certainly. Needle exchange programs are based on a sound public health principle; the principle of eliminating the item that helps transmit infection from one person to another, just as, for example, reducing the number of mosquitoes helps prevent malaria.

Needle exchange programs have also achieved reductions in the rate of hepatitis infection, which can also be spread through sharing needles. In Tacoma, WA, clients of a needle exchange program were up to eight times less likely to contract Hepatitis B or C than non-client IVDUs.

Finally, needle exchange programs can act as a bridge to:

• drug treatment
• HIV testing and counseling
• primary medical care
• tuberculosis and sexually transmitted disease screening

Source: Lurie, P. and DeCarlo, P., The Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at the University of California San Franciso, 2005.

Should Needle Exchange be Funded?

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Should Needle Exchange Be Funded By The Federal Government?

The key to slowing the HIV epidemic is HIV prevention. There are several prevention techniques that slow the transmission of HIV from one person to another. One such prevention method is needle exchange.

Needle exchange involves providing clean, sterile needles and syringes to IV drug users in exchange for their used syringes and needles. If IV drug users can't stop injecting recreational drugs, then providing them with sterile needles and syringes should decrease the incidence of sharing needles. As we know, sharing needles is a source of HIV infection. Decrease needle sharing and HIV transmission will decrease. But how should needle exchange programs be funded? Right now, it's illegal to use federal monies to fund needle exchange programs. Because of this, funding is difficult and programs struggle to survive. Should needle exchange programs be funded by the federal government? There are two schools of thought.

Current Status
Globally, sex between men and women is by far the most common way of passing on HIV. But a second transmission route drives the epidemic in many countries outside Africa; transmission among men and women who inject drugs. Injection of any sort is a more efficient way of spreading HIV than sexual intercourse. Since injecting drug users are often linked in tight networks, sharing injection equipment is common. But because the injection equipment is rarely disinfected, HIV infection among this population is common.

Also, people who inject drugs may acquire HIV infection through their sexual partners while having unprotected sex. In the United States, it's estimated that 9 out of 10 cases of heterosexual transmission of HIV occurring in New York City is related to sex with a drug user. In some places, including much of China and parts of India and Myanmar, more women are infected through sex with drug users than any other way. Injecting drug use also contributes to mother-to-child transmission of HIV. In Uruguay, 40 percent of babies with HIV are born to mothers who inject drugs.

So it's clearly obvious that transmission of HIV by way of sharing dirty needles must be addressed. The way to address the issue is through needle exchange. But how do we pay for exchange programs?

What's all the Fuss About?
If needle exchange is the answer, then why all the fuss? Programs should be funded and put in place across the country. If only it were that easy. The fact of the matter is, needle exchange is a politically charged issue that few want to take on. It's because of the controversial nature of needle exchange that programs are not federally funded. In fact, the law states that needle exchange programs can't be paid for with federal monies. And because of the politics involved, few government leaders are willing to risk their careers by fighting for change.

Arguments For
Proponents of needle exchange site several reasons why the federal government should get involved and offer funding for such programs.

• Data shows that upwards of 90 percent of heterosexually transmitted HIV is related to IV drug use and the sharing of dirty needles.
• Data shows that in several communities in the US and around the world, HIV transmission has increased where needle sharing and injecting drug use is common.
• Many studies have proven that needle exchange programs lead to decreased rate of HIV transmission among IV drug users.
• Studies have concluded that needle exchange does not increase the incidence of IV drug use.
• Some studies have shown that entrance into drug treatment programs are increased in the presence of needle exchange programs.

Arguments Against
Opponents of federally funded needle exchange point out several concerns.

• Funding needle exchange programs sends the "wrong message" to children.
• Clean needle exchange will lead to an increase in IV drug use among populations already ravaged by recreational drug use.
• Federal funding of exchange programs would allow tax dollars to be used to increase the amount of drug paraphernalia in areas already overburdened with IV drug use.
• Distributing drug paraphernalia is in stark contrast to the accepted morals of our culture.

Where it Stands
While acceptance and funding of needle exchange programs has continued in the private sector as well as the state and local level, the federal government continues to balk at offering funding of any sort. Yet, studies continue to show that needle exchange programs are successful in decreasing HIV transmission. So the debate continues.

Barebacking.....a Right of Passage. HIV and Barebacking

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HIV and Barebacking
Is Deliberate HIV Exposure a Rite of Passage

The term barebacking originated in the gay community as a slang for unprotected anal intercourse. The term is also used but not as frequently in the heterosexual community as a reference to unprotected sexual intercourse. Who uses the term is not important. What is important is the link between HIV and barebacking. And as unlikely as it would seem, Health professionals and HIV prevention specialists are seeing an unbelievable phenomenon among a small group of gay men. These gay men have expressed the desire to to get exposed and in some cases hope for HIV infection.

Can This Be True?
Often called "bug chasers" among the gay community, these men seek out other gay men who are infected, in hopes of having unprotected sex, barebacking, in an effort to become infected with HIV. Across the Internet, chat rooms and newsgroups are advertising "conversion parties" where negative men seek out those who are positive in hopes of getting infected. This practice of having deliberate unprotected anal sex has the potential to cause widespread HIV infection, especially among gay men and men who seek out anonymous sexual partners on the Internet

How Common is This Practice
The number of gay men looking to become positive seems to be growing. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (The CDC) reports a new surge in the incidence of HIV among gay males, in part due to this unthinkable practice. But what can drive such a desire? Why would a life with HIV be desirable to some?

Why Do Healthy Men Want To Be Infected?
There are some very strong beliefs at work among men who bareback looking for HIV infection.

• No More Isolation
For some men, being infected is a way out of their isolation and loneliness. Social stigmas and prejudices add to an already strong feeling of isolation. The belief is that once infected, they will be welcomed into a supportive community where prejudice and stigma does not exist. For these men, HIV is a rite of passage into the gay community. Being positive gets you into the "family."

A Different Perspective
When asked about being infected, men who are seeking out HIV infection show little fear. These feel HIV is simply a nuisance that can be treated with a few pills; a small price to pay to be a member of such a close knit group. One gay man reported an incredible feeling of belonging when he learned of his positive HIV status. Just as a teen-age boy joins a gang to belong to a family, so does the gay man who practice barebacking in hopes of becoming HIV positive.

A Sense of Relief
Others who become infected feel a profound sense of relief. Some sexually active gay men grow tired of living with the uncertainty of if and when they will become HIV positive. Some are so troubled by that uncertainty that multiple HIV tests become the only means of dealing with what they feel is the inevitable. One man's face glowed with a sense of relief after his doctor told him he had been infected. He would never again have to worry if he had been infected because now he knew he had.

A Sense of Intimacy
Still others are longing for a sense of intimacy. To these men, anal sex feels better and more intimate without condoms. They feel condoms decrease sensitivity and spontaniety. Others feel barebacking is a type of sexual intimacy they equate with mating and infection is equated with impregnating. Some even go as far as choosing the man who will "father" their infection. One gay man reported the most incredible feeling of intimacy being united with other gay men through HIV. Another allowed his positive partner to infect him as a way to show how deep his commitment was. Oddly enough, as soon as he found out he was positive, the man and his partner began using condoms.

What Drives the Gift Giver?
But what of the positive man who infects the willing. What drives them to knowingly give an illness to an otherwise healthy man? One "gift giver", as positive men are often called, reported,

"It was the most incredible feeling of power. I was going to take something from him, and that power gave me a rush I'd never known."

Among this population of barebackers there is a distinct connection between masculinity, sexual prowess, and intentional unprotected anal sex.

Deliberatly seeking out HIV is a practice few of us would understand. Is such a practice a cry for help, a sign of depression or just a symptom of social stigmas and prejudices? Whatever drives this practice, one thing is for certain; it helps drive the epidemic. But before we can address the issue we have to understand it. As one gay man stated soon after he found out he had become HIV positive, "It's impossible to know how great it feels unless you have been where I have."

Halkitis, PN. "Intentional unsafe sex (barebacking) among hiv-positive gay men who seek sexual partners on the internet."; AIDS Care 2003 Jun;15(3):367-78.

Preventing HIV with Condoms. The Basics of STD and AIDS Prevention

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The Basics of STD and AIDS Prevention
AIDS Prevention and the Role of Condom Use

With nearly 1 million Americans infected with HIV, AIDS prevention is more important than ever before. Most HIV infection is a result of sexual transmission. That combined with an estimated 15 million cases of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) occurring each year effective strategies for preventing these diseases are critical. AIDS prevention is not the only reason for condom use. STD prevention as well as AIDS prevention are important reasons for condom use. Refraining from having unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner is the best way to achieve AIDS prevention and other STD prevention. Latex condoms are highly effective when used consistently and correctly. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers the following recommendation with regard to STD and AIDS prevention:

"Condoms are effective in preventing HIV and other STDs."

Facts About Condom Use and STD, HIV, and AIDS Prevention

• The correct and consistent use of latex condoms during sexual intercourse- vaginal, anal, or oral-can greatly reduce a person’ s risk of acquiring or transmitting most STDs, including HIV infection, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas, human papilloma virus infection (HPV), and hepatitis B.

• Protecting yourself and others against STDs is important because many of these diseases have serious complications. AIDS prevention is important because HIV is life threatening disease that can cause serious illness throughout life.

• Laboratory studies show that latex condoms are effective barriers to HIV and other STDs. In addition, several studies provide compelling evidence that latex condoms are highly effective in AIDS prevention when used for every act of intercourse. This protection is most evident in studies of serodiscordant couples; those couples with one positive and one negative partner.

• Several studies clearly show that condom breakage rates in this country are less than 2%. Most of the breakage and slippage likely is due to incorrect use rather than poor condom quality. Using oil-based lubricants can weaken latex, causing the condom to break. In addition, condoms can be weakened by exposure to heat or sunlight or by age, or they can be torn by teeth or fingernails. Studies also indicate that condoms slip off the penis in about 1-5% of acts of vaginal intercourse and slip down (but not off) about 3-13% of the time.

• Some persons have expressed concern about studies that report higher failure rates among couples using condoms for pregnancy prevention. Analysis of these studies indicates that the large range of efficacy rates is related to incorrect or inconsistent use. In fact, latex condoms are highly effective for pregnancy prevention and AIDS prevention, but only when they are used properly. Research indicates that only 30-60% of men who claim to use condoms for contraception actually use them for every act of intercourse. Further, even people who use condoms every time may not use them correctly from start to finish. Incorrect use contributes to the possibility that the condom could leak at the base or break. AIDS prevention and STD prevention depends on the proper use of condoms each and every time.

HIV from Vaginal Sex

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"Can I Get HIV from Vaginal Sex?"

Question: "Can I Get HIV from Vaginal Sex?"
One viewer asks a question about HIV transmission:

"Can I get HIV from vaginal sex?

Yes, it is possible to get HIV through from vaginal sex. In fact, in much of the world it is the most common way the virus is transmitted. HIV can be found in the blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid ("pre-cum"), or vaginal fluid of a person infected with the virus. The lining of the vagina can tear and allow HIV to enter the body. Direct absorption of HIV through the mucous membranes that line the vagina also is a possibility.

Through vaginal sex the male is at less risk for HIV transmission than is the female. However, HIV can enter the body of the male through his urethra (the opening at the tip of the penis) or through small cuts or open sores on the penis, making infection with HIV possible. The risk of HIV infection increases if you or your partner has a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

If you choose to have vaginal intercourse, use a latex condom to protect both you and your partner from the risk of HIV and other STDs. Studies have shown that latex condoms are very effective in when used correctly and consistently. If either partner is allergic to latex, plastic (polyurethane) condoms for either the male or female can be used. Important Warning! - Lambskin condoms do not offer protection from HIV and STDs and therefore should be avoided.

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An aircraft type Fokker 27 crashed at the Halim Perdanakusuma

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Fokker 27 plane crashes in Halim

Fokker 27 aircraft fell on houses in the compound Eagle, Village Halim, East Jakarta, Thursday (21/6).Related NewsFokker 27 Launched in 1962, but still worth FlyTense and the Beautiful Fly in the AirSuggested Form of Insurance Sukhoi Link UnitFamily Party Insurance Not Knowing the number of SukhoiBasarnas: SAR Training Guide for Journalists

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - An aircraft type Fokker 27 crashed at the Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta Thursday (21/6) at around 14:15 pm. According to Azman Marsma AU Kadispen Yunus ensure that the aircraft crashed in Air Force housing complex (AU) aka 'home'.

"So it does not exist in civilian housing," he told a national television station, Jakarta. He explained that the plane was beregistrasi A2708 36 passenger capacity.

The pilot of the aircraft, he added, is Maj Hery Setyawanto Airmen and several other passengers, a case of instructors and students. The plane took off from Halim Perdanakusuma at 13:10 pm. The purpose of the flight was a routine exercise to round Halim Perdanakusuma airport.

Previously, Head of Information TNI, Rear Iskandar Sitompul told Reuters in a telephone connection is admitted that the plane belonged to Air Force.

Regarding the condition of the aircraft, Iskandar also acknowledged that flight training aircraft are old aircraft. The plane was also still wearing the Propeller. "But that does not mean Propellernya ugly," he said.

Nevertheless, it could not provide information on the reasons for the crash. Because the identification is still underway by a number of parties.

But, said Iskandar, who received it from power, due to the incident, as many as eight houses crushed and burned. "But it was extinguished by the Fire Department," he said.

Not only that, there are also casualties. "TNI is berbelasungkawa result of this incident," said Iskandar.

From the incident allegedly happened around eight houses in the Housing AU. Currently about 10 Unit 10 Unit Fire and ambulance down to extinguish the smoke is suspected crash site the Fokker 27.

Lempuyang Overcome Sore Throat

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Lempuyang the size of a thumb that dikeprek or digepuk then boiled and then drink the water proved to be beneficial. Strep throat is a frequent stopover did not dare to appear again. Children were free to enjoy ice cream again.

The only concern Bu Lastri, when his son should enter at a high school dormitory is a sore throat that often interfere. If the durability of the child is less good, such as being tired because of many activities, just a little drink of water ice would immediately inflamed throat.

At such times, the tonsils will be swollen, red throat, and pain when used for swallowing. "If it were so, should immediately ask for antibiotics so as not to deteriorate," said Mrs. Lastri.

Yeah, right. Less than four months in the dormitory, the son of Mrs. Lastri been exposed to strep throat twice. Although some practical recipes, such as gargling salt water, have been tried, it still should be given antibiotics to cure it. "Many have suggested that tonsillectomy is not impaired repeatedly come," said Mrs. Lastri.

That afternoon Mrs. Lastri intends to bring his son to the doctor for strep throat again attacked. While waiting for the opening hours of practice after pick up his son from the hostel, Lastri Bu Bu Hadi stop by the house, his friend through high school. "Wualaaaah ..., if only given a strep throat just mbok lempuyang. Ndak need antibiotics, "said Bu Hadi welcomed and responded to the narrative of his friend.

According to Bu Hadi, before he also had the same experience. Son and daughter repeatedly interrupted by a sore throat. Tired of spending antibiotics, he then asked her mother's advice, so comes word that originally lempuyang he had never seen the form and shape.

"Now my kids want to drink how much ice cream as well ndak problem," said Bu Hadi.

How to eat
Not too complicated to process lempuyang are easily obtainable in the market was so ready to be served as a drug. "Just take a piece lempuyang thumb-sized adults and digepuk or dikeprek, boiled with three glasses of water. Wait until the water is only one glass, then glek-glek, drink until they run out. Drinking boiled lempuyang it up to seven consecutive days. To add flavor, can mix one tablespoon of honey every time a drink, "said Bu Hadi.

Observing the advice that simple, direct Lastri Mom to try it. He did not feel the need to ask why lempuyangnya should digepuk or dikeprek and not cut into pieces or chopped until smooth. When the school holidays and children can stay out of the dorm, he made a drink with the recipe exactly as stated Bu Hadi. Then every day for seven days continuously he coaxed her to drink the cooking water lempuyang.

"Aha, to six months of this my child's throat at ease only. His nose is also not often incompressible. Whereas before, at least three months disorder strep throat that always come. Disorders that are often followed by mampatnya nose, making breathing too distracted, "said Mrs. Lastri.

In addition to advice for tonsillectomy, Bu Lastri also often hear the phrase entertainer if strep throat disorders as experienced by his son is actually going away on its own so his son was a teenager. However, Mrs. Lastri still worried because despite having entered high school, such disorders are still always come to her son.

He obtained a description, up to two months if the disturbance comes, inevitably the child's tonsils had to be operated. Therefore, he was already preparing to take his son to hospital for tonsillectomy prior to receipt of a prescription from Bu Hadi.

"Yes, let's hope it does not recur again as sons and daughters of Mrs. Hadi," said Mrs. Lastri.

Lempuyang emprit, Elephant, and Fragrant
Based on the literature, there are three types of plants lempuyang, namely lempuyang CVD (Zingiber amaricans L), lempuyang elephant (Zingiber zerumbert L.), and lempuyang fragrance (Zingiber aromaticum L.).

Lempuyang CVD and yellow elephants lempuyang taste bitter and empirically used to increase appetite. While lempuyang colored fragrant white (pale yellow), no bitter taste and smell more fragrant, often used as a component of herbal slimming.

In fact, many sellers simplicia less attention to it, so if you were just saying its kind sold lempuyang without knowing whether lempuyang scent or the other. However, from experience, for strep throat disorders as mentioned above, there are three types of lempuyang which proved to be beneficial to address them.

Leg Swelling and Itching
Lempuyang rhizome (Zingiber aromaticum) which, among other compounds containing zerumbon and limonene, does have many health benefits. Various studies, including from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Institute for Research and Technology, as well as the Hall-traditional medicinal plant research centers under the Ministry of Health, posted a record of usefulness lempuyang.

Here are a few:

Swollen feet after giving birth
Rhizome lempuyang washed and chili Java. Mash, give water, then squeeze the cloth. Drink water.

Lempuyang 3 / 4 fingers washed, and shredded. Add 2 tablespoons of boiled water a little salt, then squeeze. Drink 2 times a day each 1 tablespoon.

Colic from cold
One rhizome lempuyang washed, and then burned. Add 1 / 2 finger turmeric, 3 rhizomes retrieval key, a piece of wood Ules, 5 fennel seeds, coriander grains 11, 11 grains of pepper perforated, 20 leaves of fresh poko. Boiled with 2 cups of water until the water half, strain. Drink 2 times a day, after lunch and dinner, each 1 / 2 cup.

Increase appetite
Lempuyang washed three fingers. Grated, then add 3 teaspoons of water. Drinking water grated 3 times a day each 1 teaspoon before meals.

A). Lempuyang washed three fingers, but do not peel. Grate give palm sugar, boiled in 3 cups water to a glass of water to live. Chill, drink well, repeat several times.
B). Two fingers lempuyang washed, crushed, boiled with 2 cups of water until the water half. Drink 2 times a day each 1 / 2 cup.

Seibu finger lempuyang washed, then grated. Give 1 / 2 cup water, wring it out, let it settle. Take the liquid to be taken once a day until healed.

Lempuyang mash the 2 finger rhizome that has been washed and peeled 3 shallots, add 1 / 2 cup, water, wring it out. Drink 2 times a day each 2 tablespoons.

Find out how you can get cheap car insurance price and minimize the cost of your car insurance!

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Find out how you can get cheap car insurance price and minimize the cost of your car insurance!

Getting cheap products and services are on the minds of everyone today, and everything seems to have higher prices now compared to decades ago. Car drivers face problems with the prices of goods and services trips. Oil prices are becoming more pronounced and the government seems to impose higher road taxes today. For a car driver, getting cheap car insurance is no longer an option, but now it is a necessity. Having a cheap auto insurance can help motorists to reduce their costs of owning a car. Car drivers are encouraged to implement some measures in order to get lower rates.   First, an investigation of insurance companies is very important to determine the cheapest car insurance can be found. Online research is by far the easiest way to get a lot of appointments. Most insurance companies have their own websites to help potential customers to detail and insurance quotes when searching for some kind of insurance. There are insurance comparison sites that drivers can navigate around to compare rates from several insurance companies. An investigation of the insurance companies is very important because different companies offer different rates.   Then, having secured the car also helps drivers to be in a better position to get a cheap car insurance. Insured vehicles are cars installed with adequate security measures to prevent damage and theft happens in cars. When car drivers choose to suit safety devices for their vehicles, this will not only help to make their cars protected from any mishaps, but also guarantees them a place to get cheap auto insurance. Automobile drivers must have a secure parking space for their cars to minimize the risk of theft and accidents.   In addition, motorists with good driving history is more likely to get a lower rate. Insurance companies will offer drivers of cars with lower risks driving profile lower rates as they are at lower risk for the claims of their respective companies. Therefore, motorists should brush their driving profiles to obtain lower prices.   Furthermore, the type of vehicles owned by car drivers will also determine the rates. A driver of an expensive car owner ensures greater speed. This is due to the contributions of an expensive car repair tend to be high when the car is damaged. The insurance company covering the car also has to pay big money to the car owner when the expensive car is theft. Therefore, motorists who want a cheap car insurance should consider getting a cheap car that is robust and less prone to accidents and theft.   A car insurance is an excellent insurance that is able to provide adequate coverage for a car and driver still manage to help the owner of the insurance policy to minimize costs.   


Potential benefits to By using a Mesothelioma Law firm

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Potential benefits to By using a Mesothelioma Law firm

The legal method could cause migraine headache or even take a calming sense dependent upon the adventure. For a few, the very idea of checking out the afflication associated with justice makes the value more highly to be affected quietly particularly with a not clean textiles which often becomes outside in your the courtroom or even everlasting care of your mass media. But, precisely how several will be the knowledge of having a mesothelioma lawyer?Mesothelioma cancer attorney carries specific knowledge in instances associating individuals who are encountering asbestos fibers cancer malignancy. As a consequence of numerous experience with search engine optimization, this specific lawyers open for employment to present even more certified assistance when compared with a broad legal representative. In reality, the court practice entails profound idea of defective products regulations and the may cause and even results of asbestos-related illnesses.Essentially, all of the asbestos legal counsel knows that you'll find types of asbestos fibers cancer malignancy depending when using the mesothelial liner that organic compound strikes, and the medication the actual sufferer might require. The professional at the same time knows virtually any authorized details looking for firms that that risky content on their programs. It becomes easier for those mesothelioma cancer legal professional to create the ideal recompense requires to your complaintant for the connection between prior situations.Besides, this approach professional will guess what percentage of all the accused react to this sort of occurrences and also method of actions they are able to currently have right up ones own sleeve to be able to stop likelihood of the need to compensate clients. These tend to be major firms that might be frightening particularly attorneys that don't have experience within struggling with immense establishments. Mesothelioma cancer attorney can also have a number of authorities as well as their contact lenses following along in a number conditions of this nature.Therefore, the entire process of selecting related information to succeed the result one is the most wind resistant compared to holistic law firm. On the same be aware of, the following experienced is familiar with the defense may demolish any specific evidence plus the asbestos legal counsel definitely will subsequently can access over reviews not like an overall law firm whom will possibly not count on a few of the queries as a result of the research presented on behalf of that claimant. Certain instances usually do not pay a visit to free trial because the opponent could certainly select a judgment specially when evidence presented can be damning.Nonetheless, a good quality legal professional might aid their purchaser to permit a situation continue free of receiving to your agreement. Mesothelioma cancer attorney even offers perfect hips as well as reasonable repayment opportunities this kind of on the subject of a contingency foundation. This suggests that sorry victim pays no more than when obtaining advantageous ct judgement, in which prevents this troubles about locating to get attorney's fees without belief associated with succeeding the scenario. The following experienced blogs about the lawsuit as well as doesn't work which includes a likely sum the fact that the plaintiff can certainly get.An overall legal practitioner probably won't draw up the correct quantity resulting from lack of skill found in management this type of circumstances given the fact that your offender and complaintant should always find an amount that fits they can be kept. Overall, there are several benefits added up because of using a mesothelioma legal counsel since asbestos fiber malignant tumors is usually a serious condition not to mention is various sophisticated inquiries to which unfortunately had been practitioners have the right answers.           

Be contingent on an expert Mesothelioma cancer Lawyers

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Be contingent on an expert Mesothelioma cancer Lawyers

The moment a person is afflicted with mesothelioma cancer, a strong melanoma a consequence of asbestos fibers, the individual have to check with regard to treatment solutions straightaway. This particular a diagnosis also have to induce a patient to think about a highly trained mesothelioma cancer legal practitioner. Electrical power great seek the services of a qualified legal professional whatever the method of lawsuit being stored. Nevertheless, concerning any asbestos legal action, go through is critical. In truth, go through will be top thing someone will look regarding in a very mesothelioma cancer legal practitioner.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

EXCLUSIVE to BooBeeTrap..."Ms. Brinker Bares All on the Latest Battle of Political Agendas: Profit vs Women's Health (...not again!)"

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STOP the PRESS!!!!

With all the online flurry about Susan G. Komen, I felt I could not add anything original to the current virulent discourse. Then I was given the unique opportunity to interview Ms. Nancy Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen. What a coup for an Anti-Pink Blogging Grumbler such as myself. Ms. Brinker would only allow seven (7) select questions in this exclusive interview. She wanted to to tap dance aroundjustify, put to rest all the speculation circling regarding Susan G. Komen's recent controversial decision to pull funding for breast cancer screening, medical referrals and mammograms for women who utilize the services of Planned Parenthood. A "set-the-record straight" tete-a-tete. Despite the sensitive nature of this topic, Ms. Brinker  PROMISEd ME that she would answer honestly on all accounts. A one-time only exclusive for all you Boo-Bee Trap fans!

All right it only took place in my head, and I didn't draft the questions - Nancy from Nancy's Point was the author of the insightful questions in bold, below. But wouldn't it have been refreshing - a candid discussion with Nancy G. Brinker!?

This is how it played out in my head:

1. Do you genuinely care about the health of all women? 

Old adage, "actions speak louder than words" - because of SGK's actions in this instance and in the way we have historically and consciously decided not to address issues, like metastatic breast cancer (you know...that loser cancer cause) I would think you already know the answer to this question....The answer is a resounding NO, not ALL women -- only the vocal right wing conservative non-minority women. You know, the ones that can actually afford to pay, or have comprehensive health care that pays, for breast cancer screening. And, of course those women that Rep. Stearn tell me are the "good women." He's been compling a list.

2. When did caving to political pressure from any source become acceptable for an organization like Komen, the self-proclaimed world leader in the fight against breast cancer?

It  all became acceptable when my little "nonprofit" greedily took money from companies that perpetuate cancer (by the wide spread commercial use of known carcinogens) -- it is a lucrative reciprocal business relationship after all. This discriminating myopia was reinforced when we got away with requisitioning a product, for profit and marketed to women, containing identified hormone disruptors. It was a brilliant business decision as it ensures our longevity as a necessary organization. BTW, I brought you a complimentary bottle of PROMISE ME, since I was informed prior to our interview that you are a stage IV cancer patient. Honestly honey, what harm can a little PROMISE ME behind the ears do to you in your situation? And make sure to share it with your daughters - if SGK is going to thrive through the 21st Century we need the next-generation.

3. Unfortunately, I have to ask, is this really about breast cancer, or is it more about pro-choice vs pro-life agendas and possible contributions Komen may or may not receive if they do not pull funds from Planned Parenthood?

It was an economy of scales decision: the extreme right-wing conservative political faction in this country hold more wealth than the minority/women population served by that sketchy organization, Planned Parenthood. SGK may well alienate the "liberal" financial base that is outraged by the burden and impact of our decision, but SGK will still be able to meet targeted fundraising goals through our now public support of these new BFFs. There is a great surge in the country to undermine efforts in making health care affordable and accessible to all, SGK does not want to be behind the curve on this surge.

4. Since many women rely on Planned Parenthood for all of their health care needs, do you really want to send the message you don’t care about them? What if they die from an undetected cancer? Don’t their lives matter?

They will be dead, duh! Our lawyers have advised us that since we are not obligated to provide this service. We are a nonprofit philanthropic organization so we don't need to do everything for everyone. Well, our lawyers advised that, because of our 501(C)(3)status, the surviving families of THOSE dead women will not have any legal causation for a wrongful death suit. So, in a nutshell, since there is no liability on our end...NO...they are not even a blip on our spreadsheets! Then there is the consideration of our new BFFs on the right. They showed SGK's board that statistically PP's target population have low voter turn outs, so they don't calculate on their spreadsheets either. Our messages is: this decision is a win-win for us and our well-heeled BFFs. Besides, I have truly exaggerated the impact that SGK has had in deterring breast cancer deaths over the last 30 years. Bottom-line (don't you just love that term!) my obligation is to our financial stake-holders...oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that, that may be in violation of SGK's by-laws as a 501(C)(3). You will delete that last statement, right?

5.  And why the sudden change of heart? Komen has been partnering with Planned Parenthood since 2005. That’s seven years. This “investigation” came to the forefront in 2011. Grants from Komen totaled around $680,000 last year and $580,000 the year before, allowing Planned Parenthood to provide breast cancer screenings and other breast-health guidance services to more women in need at 19 of its affiliates.

Ms. Handel - our new, very out-spoken, vociferously anti-choice crusader, was hired 18 months ago. Part of our employment contract with her was that we would indeed make strides to transition away from our prior 6 year support of screening, referrals, etc. to THAT population served, largely in-part by Planned Parenthood. This was a real stickler for Ms. Handel. Well, Ms. Handel is a real go-getter and rallied the dormant politicized myopic agendas of our other board members and took care of business faster than we could all imagine. Securing her for SGK has been a real feather in our philanthropic cap.

6. Shouldn’t this be something Komen is proud of, not halting?

Despite what I said to the prior question (#4) - because I really don't have any qualms being inconsistent or contradictory, SGK continues to be proud of the significant inroads we have made over the last 30 years in striking a significant blow to the prevention and cure of breast cancer...even if over 40,000 women die of MBC every year in this country. Interestingly, no matter how many 3-day walks we hold, that number really has not significantly changed in the 30 years we have been in existence! I need to talk to the board about stepping up production of  BPA filled plastic pink water bottles...but I digress. Well, I am proud to be fulfilling the promise I made to my sister on her only a SELECT group of women who align with my political & religious ideologies will be afforded access to potentially life-saving health care! Between you and me, it is a good thing Susan is not here, she would so rip me a new one right now!

7.  How do you justify eliminating funds to support Planned Parenthood while also proclaiming commitment to your mission?

I am proud to be fulfilling the promise I made to my sister on her only a select group of women who align with my political & religious ideologies will be afforded access to potentially life-saving health care! Oh cr*p...did I just say that out loud, twice? This interview is so over - when you have this much Botox in your face, it really is hard to pontificate for long periods. Don't forget your PROMISE ME!

Sitting "Shiva" for One, and All of the 41,000

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There are inevitable realities that we must embrace as part of our membership in the human experience: birth, disease and death. It is within the intervening moments of these realities that we try to distinguish ourselves; define our lives; create some happiness; and for better or worse, beget a personal legacy.

In between birth and death, is "disease." Not all of us will be directly stricken. But disease will touch all of our lives in some way. Then there are those of us who find imposed upon our reality, the learning to live with chronic disease. That can be tricky. An inevitable component to learning to live with a chronic disease is the "looking over the shoulder" to see if the disease is catching up. For most of us living with metastatic  breast cancer, it is fairly inevitable that at some point our MBC will indeed catch up with us. But even the inevitable can leave you feeling like you have been kicked in the gut.

This past week has been a gut kicker.

Essentially, this week I have been sitting "blog-os-phere" shiva for a fellow metastatic breast cancer journeyer. A brilliant blogger/essayist. An accomplished individual in all her own rights - a woman who did distinguish herself; defined a life for her and her husband and family; who from all sources created happiness not only for herself but for those fortunate to be within her sphere; and who bestowed a legacy that is being cherished by so many that she touched. A beautiful soul that left this pedestrian journey to explore a new path on a different plane.

The Cancer Culture Chronicles: Rachel Cheetham Moro 1970-2012

Shiva is a an integral stage in the mourning process. The first stage of mourning is aninut, or "[intense] mourning." An onen (a person in aninut) is considered to be in a state of total shock and disorientation. Initially, when I heard the news of Rachel's passing, I felt dizzy and frozen at the same time. The room was spinning, but my breathing was stifled by the emotional vertigo that gripped me. Then there was this eruption of emotion, punctuated by a deep growling sob. The sound was coming from me? How could this "force" that is ...  had been, Rachel been extinguished?

Rachel's last post on CancerCultureChronicles, on January 19, 2012,included her usual snarky, intelligent and challenging style: "...Given Komen's relentless pursuit of the almighty dollar, and its almost megalomaniacal status as the world's leading breast cancer organization, is it not time for Komen to be more transparent about where it's future priorities lie and how it evaluates it's success?
Don't we, as the donating public, deserve better?  Come on Komen, what's your plan for the next $2 billion, and if you are no longer for the cure, then what are you for?
Aninut is immediately followed by avelut ("mourning").  Avelut itself consists of three distinct periods.The first stage of avelut, and the most commonly known, is shiva (Hebrew: שבעה ; "seven"), a week-long period of grief and mourning. Observance of shiva is referred to, at least by western Jews, as "sitting shiva". It is considered a great mitzvah (commandment) of kindness and compassion to pay a home visit to the mourners.

Rachel Cheetham Moro passed away, left us, departed ... died on February 6, 2012. I am not in the mood for euphemisms. The reality of Rachel living with metastatic breast cancer, coupled with the life-sucking adjuvant treatment that she endured was that, more likely than not, the inevitable would catch up with her. It did. It sucks. The loss is palpable. I am angry.

So many have been writing about their memories and feelings for Rachel. Many and most are screaming their outrage of the needlessness of Rachel's death. Rachel had not been doing well. She shared that with us. Never in a whiny, poor-me fashion. No. Her frustration and fears were expressed with humor, challenging those who read her well-crafted essays, to dare to feel sorry for her. Rachel's strength and joyful audacity was evident even through the medium of blogging.

I never had the opportunity to sit and share face-to-face conversation, and wine, with Rachel. I will never get that opportunity, at least on this plane. It is my loss.

This past week, however, I have re-read her blog entries. I have re-read her comments over the last 14 months to my blog entries, as well as her Facebook postings. I have visited her posthumous blog, sharing in the pictures and chronicles (no bad pun intended) of her life, preserved in the memories of her husband, Anthony (whom she referred to as "Beloved") and her family.  I have spent this week of avelut sitting shiva and thinking about and remembering Rachel as I knew her. Contemplating how she touched my life, and what meaning she brought to our shared experiences.

Rachel was a light that I looked to each week. Especially when I was re-staged with MBC this past summer. We both had a propensity toward snarkiness and irreverence (and at times, downright hostility) toward the industrial machine that dominates breast cancer research - Komen-led, and vacuously marketed by pink banner-cutsie profit-seeking retailers. I could relate to her frustration and shared her call to change the scripted conversation that has stymied the "breast cancer conversation" these last 30 to 50 years.

My "virtual" connection with Rachel was bittersweet, however. Rachel had been living with MBC for several years when our blogging paths crossed. She had originally been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, and three (or so?) years later re-staged with MBC. For me, Rachel was living with "our" disease a few steps ahead of me. To witness the progression of her disease was like having the advantage of a cruel "crystal ball." Many times I wanted to through a hissy-blog-fit with Rachel and beg her to stop the chemo. Just stop! The ravages of the treatment are killing you! I could never disrespect her, or anyone else, with my opinionated prejudices. I kept my own counsel. But I am angry now. Not at Rachel and her choices. She chose the color of her journey, and bravely lived through its ruthless intentions with such enviable vitality.

No, I am angry that living with metastastic breast cancer, Rachel - and yes, me and others like us, have so few real choices. That is not to imply that all those living with non-stage IV breast cancer are enjoying a smorgasboard of options. They are most definitely not. The prevailing lack of attention given to advanced breast cancer - by the media, by the medical community-at-large, by the monolithic entities, and yes you Susan G. f-ing Komen Foundation, make you all complicitous in the death of Rachel - who has now joined her path as one of the 41,000.  

This inevitable reality, although well-known but equally well-ignored, is a real gut-kicker.

Here is to you Rachel. You are still a light, a force to be reckoned with. You nurtured a legacy that will keep you present with us. You, and the 41,000, give voice to the dire need for change both in the breast cancer conversation and in the current potentates in the breast cancer industry. We must find a way for not only the voices of the 41,000 to be heard, but to be the catalyst of live-saving change.

Hoo Roo and Cheers, Rachel! 

On October 10th, METAvivor Research and Support launched its 30% for 30% Campaign in a concerted effort to improve longevity and quality of life for persons with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). The concept is simple: Since thirty percent of all breast cancer patients develop MBC -- a fatal condition, then 30% of breast cancer research funds and 30% of breast cancer support activities should be dedicated to MBC. At present, only 2% of breast cancer research funds go toward MBC research and support for the disease is rare.
"People do not realize that metastatic breast cancer is widespread and deadly, and that it strikes on whim and takes 41,000 American lives every year. Survivors think they are safe because they are 5 years out ... or were diagnosed early ... or were told they are 'cured', but MBC plays by its own rules." says METAvivor President, CJ (Dian) Corneliussen-James. "People diagnosed at stage 0 as well as 30-year survivors can and do metastasize. You feel great one day and the next day learn you have MBC. Your life can change that fast."

...and now completely RANDOM houskeeping trivia

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Top 11 Audience / Countries (to-date [2.19.2012])Pageviews by Countries
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Really cool countries that haved popped up recently:

Saudi Arabia
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~ makes me wonder how my sometimes peculiar humor (aka sarcasm) translates.
I am misunderstood too often in my own native language!

Opportunity to become Aware...More on BigPharma

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****** My alma mater is hosting another important conference. You can register and attend online. These types of forums and discussion fosters true "awareness." ~

Missing The Target:

When Practitioners Harm More Than Heal
June 14-15

PharmedOut, a Georgetown University-based research project, will host its third annual conference focusing on the misinformation and patient harm that can occur from pharmaceutical and medical device marketing. PharmedOut 2012 will offer 10 CME credits and feature expert speakers including:
• Rita Redberg, M.D., M.Sc., Archives of Internal Medicine editor-in-chief; professor of medicine at UC San Francisco
• Carl Elliott, M.D. Ph.D., author of White Coat, Black Hat; professor at the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics
• Kay Dickersin, Ph.D., director of the Center for Clinical Trials at the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health
• Susan Wood, Ph.D., professor at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services
• Julie Taitsman, M.D., J.D., chief medical officer of the Office of the Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
• Sharon Treat, J.D., executive director of the National Legislative Association on Prescription Drug Prices
• Jack Mitchell, chief of investigations for the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging

The conference will be held on Thursday, June 14, and Friday, June 15, in the Lohrfink Auditorium at Georgetown University.
This conference will address radiation risks of CT scans, antipsychotic use in children, adverse effects of marketing, risks of other medical devices, prescription tracking, physician payment disclosure laws, and many other topics. Speakers include Rita Redberg MD, Editor-in-chief of the Archives of Internal Medicine, and Carl Elliott MD PhD, Author of White Coat, Black Hat.
Thursday morning: Marketing of antipsychotic medications and other drugs
Thursday afternoon: Potential health risks of CT scans and other medical devices
Friday morning: Legislative and regulatory updates and solutions
Friday afternoon: The role of industry, media and payers in informing and protecting patients

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit the PharmedOut website.

Hannah's Mommy Kicks Butt

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****** Dear Cancer,

I am well aware that you now consider yourself a part of our world. You are a miserable house guest, leaving your garbage everywhere, making us take you around to places we had not planned on going, acting like you are one of the family and hanging out with us everywhere.
You bully my daughter. You have taken her hair, her freedom,her health, her sports --you pick at her until the pain is unbearable. Don't you realize that everyone sees you for what you are? No one takes your side, they are too busy protecting Hannah's spirit---she will kick your butt when you least expect it.
We have ways of making you go. Chemo is a great ally but Chemo's power comes at a price. With no immunity, even a flu bug means a few days in the hospital. But the chemo will work--we have references:) We should be getting good news from the front lines today.
We have an army of family and friends that is unstoppable.You are no match for the love and prayer in our arsenal.
I get it cancer. you're here. You make you presence known every minute. But you can go now---like it or not, you are not welcome in our home, in our lives. Consider this an eviction notice. We will continue to use every tactic possible to get you out of Hannah's life. When you are gone, we will change all the locks and never let you near us again.
And I hope the door hits you(hard) on the way out.
Hannah's Mommy

Hannah is a lovely teenager whom I have known since birth. She was the rambunctious toddler with the corkscrew mane of wild honey-colored hair that you could pinpoint in the crowded shul on Shabbos. Hannah, like her hair, was inclined to "Tigger-bounce". She has grown into a lovely, kind, intelligent, articulate young woman (she takes after her mommy!).
On March 6, 2012, Hannah was diagnosed with stage 4b Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to Start a Mobile Oil Change Business; Strategic Planning

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Mobil Oil Change Locations - How to Start a Mobile Oil Change Business; Strategic Planning.
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Every automobile with a reciprocating engine needs an oil change to remain in good running order. So it stands to good reason that an oil change business might be a good one to start. Of course opening up a business with a location on a busy street and going through the planning process can be a real bear, no to mention set you back half a million dollars.

What I said. It is not outcome that the true about Mobil Oil Change Locations. You look at this article for information about that want to know is Mobil Oil Change Locations.

How is How to Start a Mobile Oil Change Business; Strategic Planning

We had a good read. For the benefit of yourself. Be sure to read to the end. I want you to get good knowledge from Mobil Oil Change Locations.

For this reason many have considered starting a Mobile Oil and Lube Business instead of operating out of a fixed site location. As the Founder of The Oil Change Guys; a mobile oil change franchise business, folks looking to get started often ask me for advice. One recent notable inquiry of this type came from Virginia, a state which our firm has chosen not to register in to sell franchises, asks some very good questions which you might wish to consider for yourself if indeed you are thinking of starting a mobile oil change business.

"Dear Sir, I have been thinking for the past 2 weeks about doing mobile oil changes. This seems like a very good business, as well because everyone must do it and if you can do it for less than stationary businesses, it is a no brainer for the customer. And if I must charge more, then many wealthier people will still go for it because they don't have to worry about forgetting or taking time out of their day to go do it."

Indeed the gentleman has observed the need and desire of the local consumer base near him. He rightfully noticed that there is costs savings in going mobile for this type of auto service business and has already found a target market or segment of the local demographics he wishes to provide these services too. Furthermore this entrepreneur has a plan already formulating in his head, much the same as you might if you were to consider such things;

"The plan that I have in my head is this: 1) Put out flyers in wealthier demographics to start with, charge more to start out with to cover the inefficiency and cost of learning and development."

This makes sense, yet we must remember that oil changing is an every 3-month deal and you need to follow up day before to remind the customers that it is time for their scheduled oil change and get oil filters too and be ready when they ask to do their boats, back up generators, garden tractors, etc., as these can be good side business add-ons.

"2.) Put customers on a 3-4 month schedule, offer discounts for a year pre-pay."

Yes, this is smart thinking as all small businesses must be cognizant of cash flow, as cash is king and to that point here are some other thoughts perhaps you can use in tailoring your Business Plan and Strategic Thinking for your own Mobile Oil Change Business.

The gentleman continues with his questions, as well he should and considers issues regarding traffic congestion in Virginia outside the Beltway and the "Mixing Bowl" Freeway Interchange, which is more like a parking lot during rush our than anything which resembles a modern freeway. He asks:

"3) Change oil at night to avoid traffic and improve efficiency. a. Is this possible?"

It is possible and you will need proper lighting and try to have tools, which have glow in the dark coatings on the handles or actually glow in the dark. You will also need adequate flood lighting on the vehicle and these lights need to be mounted on your mobile oil change truck or trailer and they must be Industrial Quality, not the .95 Home Depot models. If you go to a local hardware store, flag a Snap-on Tool guy down or go into Home Depot and ask for their industrial lighting catalog you will find the grade of lighting necessary to do the job.

"b. How do I get under the hood at night when cars might be locked and in the garage?"

Too much trouble if folks are not home or forget to pre-shut off the alarm system, so it is best if they leave the garage door open for you. If the cars are under a carport or outside, it might be wise to put a fender key lock box. Ask your customers if you can make and extra key and put it in a hide a key location that they know about. Some more expensive Jags, Mercedes, Corvettes, Bentleys, etc. have very expensive keys to make some up to 0.00 so this may not be feasible. If you do use a lock key box then Make sure it is secure they can fall off.

"4.) Keep routes that minimize driving time between changes."

Yes. This is crucial to your efficiency, perhaps you may wish to look into some routing and scheduling software as well to help you as you add customers. Also when you do sales, remember to concentrate on specific areas simultaneously rather than doing blast willy nilly widespread blanketed money mailers. You need to target by tract, not necessarily all at once per zip code, if you use direct mailers.

"The primary questions that I have about this are: 1) How do you change the oil? Do you suck it out of the dip stick opening?"

Our company is a proponent of dip stick siphoning for used oil removal, some disagree, yet after doing many studies on this we have found that the customer and the efficiency of your oil change technicians are better served using these techniques. Perhaps this might explain more:

"2) How long does this take to do an average oil change?"

This is a very good question because it all depends on how you are running your business. We recommend 60% fleet business and up to but no more than 40% residential services. You see it takes only on average about 10 minutes each for rent a cars, post office jeeps, work trucks, which lined up and similar motors and types. But it takes a lot longer for cars on a onsey-twosee basis. Our company is not completely sold on the idea of a valet type concierge mobile oil change for personal cars only. But if this is your intention then you should figure 15-minutes minimum, generally 20 min on average for each oil change, not including travel and that is without screwing around and shoot the breeze with customers (in and out).

It is okay to talk with customers, I know starting out that I always did, because I liked to learn about their businesses and market sectors for insight and knowledge, but that knowledge comes with a price. Remember that efficiency = profits. A mixture of commercial residential is recommended. But not solely residential, I think it is not a good idea due to problems in efficiency. But I agree with your nighttime theories.

"3) Can I sell the used motor oil, or do I have to pay to dispose of it?"

Generally there are rules about this, but you could use it to heat the shops of the other businesses, which have the same address if you have a shop in an Automotive Complex.The EPA has specific rules for used oil and you need to follow those to stay legitimate and remain an ecologically friendly business. By doing so you will be doing the right thing and able to advertise this fact, thus you will get more referrals and a stronger customer base. Please be thinking on these issues if you plan on starting a mobile oil change business.

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