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Breast cancer treatment

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Follow the way of non-surgical treatment of breast cancer with the drug from the skin of the mangosteen that are proven effective to overcome a variety of cancers. Many who have proven the efficacy of the drug from the skin of the mangosteen is, one Sulistiowati of Navan, Central Java. Listen to his testimony in other parts of this paper. Now can you please read the scientific explanation of this drug mangosteen peel with breast cancer.
Breast cancer - breast cancer treatment without surgery
Cancer is a condition where the cells have lost normal control mechanisms, so that the growth of abnormal, rapid and uncontrolled.In addition, breast cancer (mammary carcinoma) is defined as a disease of malignant neoplasms that originate from the parenchyma. The disease is by the Word Health Organization (WHO) is inserted into the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) with code number 17.
Symptoms of breast cancer - breast cancer treatment without surgery
Clinical symptoms of breast cancer may include:Lump in the breastUsually a painless lump in the breast. The lump was small initially, the longer it will be even greater, and then attached to the skin or cause changes in the skin of the breast or the nipple.Erosion or the nipple eczema
Skin or nipple had to be pulled in (retracted), pink or brown to be edema of the skin to look like an orange peel (peau d'orange), contract, or ulcers (ulcers) in the breast. Borok was the longer it will be even greater and deeper so that it can destroy the entire breast, often malodorous, and bleed easily. Other characteristics include:
  • Bleeding on the nipple.
  • Pain or tenderness in general only emerged when the tumor is large, have ulcers, or when it appears metastases to the bones.
  • Then comes the enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit, swelling (edema) in the arm, and the spread of cancer throughout the body (Handoyo, 1990).
  • Advanced breast cancer is very easily recognized by knowing operbilitas Heagensen following criteria:
  • there is extensive edema of the breast skin (over 1/3 area of ​​the breast skin);
  • presence of satellite nodules on the skin of the breast;
  • Breast cancer types of mastitis karsinimatosa;
  • There parasternal models;
  • there is a supraclavicular nodule;
  • edema of the arm;
  • presence of distant metastases;
  • and there are two of the signs of locally advanced, namely skin ulceration, skin edema, skin fixed to the thoracic wall, axillary lymph node 2.5 cm in diameter, and axillary lymph nodes attached to one another.
Discharge (discharge Nipple)
Nipple discharge is the discharge from the nipple spontaneously and not normal. Discharge is normal in the event in women who are pregnant, breastfeeding and contraceptive pill users. A woman should be alert if the nipple discharge of bloody watery liquid with red or brown, out on his own without having to massage the nipple, continues, only in one breast (unilateral), and liquids other than breast milk.
(Breast cancer, source:
There are several types of breast cancer, but most often are of two types: ductal and lobular carcinoma carcionoma. Ductal carcinoma is a cancer that appears in the ducts or pipelines that transport the milk in the breast. Lobular carcinoma is a cancer found in the lobules or glands of dairy maker. Cancer that has not spread beyond the ducts or lobules is called in-situ means "in place". When it spreads, it is called invasive or infiltrating.
Ductal Carcinoma
On ductal carcinoma in-situ cancer only located along the milk line. At this stage, nearly 100% of cancer patients can be cured. The easiest way to identify ductal carcinoma in-situ with a mammogram is periodically / annually.
If allowed, ductal carcinoma eventually spread to surrounding tissues. ASI channel end wall thinning and rupture, then the cancer spread. The spread can be limited around the origin of cancer, but can also throughout the body (metastatic) via the blood circulation. Dissemination, especially to the lymph glands in the armpits and other organs such as bone, liver and lungs. Approximately 70% of breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinoma.
Lobular Carcinoma
On lobular carcinoma in situ (also called lobular neoplasia), cancer is still not penetrated the wall of the lobules. Potentially invasive lobular carcinoma metastases and spread to other body parts, starting from the fatty breast tissue. Approximately 10-15% of breast cancers are invasive lobular carcinoma. This type of cancer does not always lead to a bump, but it just makes the affected tissue to thicken so it can be difficult to detect.
Paget's disease
Types of breast cancer is the most rare cancer nipples, known as Paget's disease. The spread of this cancer starts from the ductus and spread to the skin around the nipple and areola (dark circle around the nipple). The skin around the nipple often feels rough, mottled, flushed and bled. Patients will feel itchy and hot.
Options of Breast Cancer Drug
Just like other types of cancer, breast cancer treatment can be done medically or naturally. Medical treatment consists of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone inhibitors. Radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cells in the affected area.
Meanwhile, chemotherapy (a combination of drugs to kill cells that proliferate rapidly or pressing breeding) and hormone inhibitor drugs (drugs that affect the hormones that promote cancer cell growth) are used to suppress the growth of cancer cells throughout the body.
But they can cause many negative side effects on the body. For example, chemotherapy side effects in the form susceptible to infections, fatigue, nausea, hair loss, bleeding problems such as nosebleeds, and many other negative side effects.
On hormone therapy, there are several classes of drugs that are used as a cure for cancer, among others, is that one class of antiestrogen drug is Tamoxifen. Side effects include hot flashes and facial flushing, gastrointestinal disorders, mild leukopenia and thrombocytopenia, vaginal bleeding, itching of the vulva / vulva (external female genitals), and skin rash.
In addition to medical treatment as mentioned above, you can also consider the treatment of breast cancer naturally. One of the natural anti-cancer herbs that have been proven to be effective is the ants nest (Myrmecodia pendans) derived from the wild forests of Papua. Ability of ants nest empirically as drugs breast cancer is allegedly related to the content of flavonoids. There are several mechanisms of flavonoids in the fight against tumors and cancer, among others:• Inactivation of carcinogens~ Turn off the active substances that cause cancer.• antiproliferasi* Pursue the process of abnormal cell proliferation in cancer.• Inhibition of cell cycle~ In cancer, there is a failure in the control of cell division cycle. Where the cells undergo rapid division and continuously. Flavonoids work by inhibiting abnormal cell division cycle (cancer) is.• Induction of apoptosis and differentiation~ Stimulate the process of cancer cell suicide.• Inhibition of angiogenesis* Inhibits new blood vessel formation in cancer cells that play a role in providing food / nutrition to the development of cancer cells. If cancer cells are not getting adequate nutrition, cancer cells will die.• Reversal of multi-drug resistance* Flavonoids help the body avoid resistance / resistant to the drugs consumed.
In addition to flavonoids, ants nest also contains tocopherols. Tocopherol vitamin E in nature is similar to the antioxidant and anticancer effect in the body. These substances counteract the free radical attack by antidegeneratif. "When we eat lots of fat and free radicals, tocopherols will handle it", says nutritionist doctor, Ahmad Sulaeman PhD.
Here is the testimony of one of his mother, who has felt Meyti Ngantun ants nest as medicinal properties of breast cancer.
I went to the doctor and internist convicted of breast cancer. Therefore it is growing quickly, prompting doctors to hasten removed through surgery. According to doctors, it's the only way to overcome it.One time my husband got the information about the ants nest. He asked me to try ants nest of Wamena. He said it is very potent herbal cure various diseases, including for the treatment of cancer and tumors. I began to try to drink it. Since I was determined to get well so I diligently consume every day.
Three days later I started to feel not so sick anymore and I am determined to continue taking them. A week later the pain was greatly reduced and the lump was a bit soft. In the third week in the morning I was surprised by the presence of yellowish fluid came out on top of my nipples and the liquid is constantly out in a few days. I still continue to eat ants nest in order to heal properly and the wound proved a discharge hole is covered himself and his wound healed.
I am very relieved and happy because I was feeling well thanks to the ants nest. Healing is felt to this day. For several years now there are no more problems until I gave birth to our second child. In fact, my milk production is going well and normal as usual.
Another positive response from users ants nest is also evident from comments Hendro Saputro ants nest that has been introduced as a medicinal plant since 2001. In Natural Magazine, he revealed that those who ate ants nest is getting a lot of healing that actually completed, such as brain cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer. "On average, that drank the decoction of ants nest and get a result after a week and some have 3 days have seen the results".
Positive efficacy is also felt by cancer patients who become users Capsules Mecodia the extract products from Deherba.Com ants nest, the average reported already feeling the benefits after using it for 1-2 months!In fact, many customers who had undergone medical treatment with chemical drugs, as well as combine it with Mecodia, and feel the healing process is faster than before. This fits with the comments contained in Dr Gods Poster Magazine, "Patients who combines antioxidants and chemical medicine physician heal faster than just using chemical drugs."
Some are using other anti-cancer herbs such as Noni Juice, and Keladitikus, then combined with the ants nest and feel the same results, with a gradual healing process was faster!
Of course, these ants nest herbs can be one of the best options for breast cancer drug, not only because of economic reasons, but also in some cases cure can be obtained without having to go through the laborious and painful treatment, surgery, chemotherapy, and without having to experience the effects of Another negative side effect of medical treatment. And given the scientific research is still small, did not rule out the future will be found to other active substances contained in the ants nest that could better explain how 'magical' herbal cancer can be destroyed quickly and completely.

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