Saturday, July 7, 2012

The cause of the sukhoi crash at Salak Mount

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Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Spectator aviation Chappy Hakim said the black box SukhoiSuperjet-100 aircraft will be a key clue to determine the cause of the crash inthe area of ​​Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday (9/5) and .
"To find the most likely cause, the most helpful is the black box," saidformer Air Force Chief of Staff at the Red and White dialogue, cooperation ANTARAbroadcast, RRI and TVRI broadcast live on Wednesday.

He explained that the black box which generally consists of the flight data recorder(Flight Data Recorder / FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (Cockpit Voice Recorder/ CVR) recording the conversations between pilots and air traffic guides. Thedevice also stores the data of air pressure and weather conditions duringflight.

Data from the devices in a black box, according to Chappy, then must be read andanalyzed in depth by competent people.

"It takes an experienced senior captain, master technicians and experts fromrelated disciplines to analyze the flight before making conclusions about themost likely cause of the accident," he said. (Denny)

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