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Location, Location, Location - Change Your Venue and Write More

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Michael Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci, says, "Almost no one claims to get their best ideas at work." Well, duh! We've all been there-sitting at our desks, staring at the screen, hoping that the third cup of coffee might do the trick or vowing to play just one more game of solitaire before we get back to writing that report!

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How is Location, Location, Location - Change Your Venue and Write More

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Studies confirm Gelb's hypothesis: our best ideas come in bed, bath, and on the bus. In other words: while lazing around, lingering between sleep and waking; near water; or on a moving vehicle.

Next time you feel stuck with your writing, change your location. Find a coffee shop, a bench in a park, or even a beach blanket to work on. Here's where some famous writers have worked:

*Sir Walter Scott had an enormous desk with two working surfaces. Scott was driven and always had two projects going at once. The two desktops helped him keep his projects separate.

*Barbara Kingsolver wrote her first novel, The Bean Tress, in a closet late at night while pregnant with her her first child.

*Mark Twain write in a gazebo.

*Thriller writer Sheldon Rusch wrote most of his first novel, for Edgar, in a Starbucks.

*One of my clients does most of her writing on weekends-at hotels, bed and breakfasts, any place that is quiet and away from her husband and three children.

*I heard a story on NPR about Daniel Silva, who writes spy novels. He writes in a basement office, with the lights turned low-where he can better imagine the dark things that will happen in his novels.

*L. Frank Baum wrote many of the Oz books at the Hotel del Coronado, looking out at the Pacific Ocean.

Where will you write your next book or work report? If you can, get away from your regular office environment. If getting out of the office isn't possible, do what you can to create an inspiring environment. Set up your desk near a window or hang a picture of a place you love on your wall. Add a small fountain or plant to give you the sense of being outdoors. Use music to set your mood and eliminate distractions. Some writers even create play lists of songs for each book. Take the time to make your environment work for you. You'll write more and you'll write faster. Guaranteed!

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