Saturday, July 7, 2012

Treatment for AIDS

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Alabama - There was an unexpected event to an AIDS patient from the U.S. (Berlin), only with an unusual blood transplantation patients can be cured. However, the doctors say that this method of treatment is not to be widely practiced.
The patient, aged 40, had blood cell transplant in 2007 to cure leukemia. Doctors are not only good at matching blood, but also have a gene mutation that gives a natural resistance to HIV. Thus quoted by the Associated Press, Wednesday (15/12/2010).
Now, after three years on, the patient no longer shows signs of the HIV virus and leukemia, according to a report in the journal Blood.
"This is an interesting proof of concept, that the extraordinary method, a patient can be cured of HIV virus. But it was too risky for the method to be used as standard therapy even if a suitable donor could be found," said Dr. Michael Saag of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama, United States.
"Transplantation of blood that much done lately, used to fight cancer, and risks to human health remains unknown. Blood transplant is to destroy the patient's original immune system, and replace it with donor cells to grow new immune system. The death rate from the procedure could reach 5 percent or more, "says Saag, who is also former chairman of the HIV Medicine Association, an association of AIDS specialists.
"We can not fully apply these methods of healing to healthy individuals, because the risk is too great, unless someone with the HIV virus is also suffering from cancer," added Saag.
When cases of AIDS patients recover in Berlin sticking to the surface two years ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci, president of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the procedure is too expensive and risky to do as a healing method. But these methods can provide instructions for using gene therapy or other methods to get the same results.

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