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What is Racing Motor Oil

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Just what is racing motor oil? With this article I hope to dispel several rumors and disbeliefs. First lets consider that there is a place for racing motor oil. Lets look at it is two very different arenas. In the Professional Arena and in the Sportsman Arena.

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How is What is Racing Motor Oil

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In the professional arena with multi million dollar sponsorships, a .00 quart of oil is not going to make or break a race team. However in the professional ranks there are those who believe that a particular brand or oil, such as Valvoline, Quaker State, Mobile One, or Royal Purple, and believe that it is the best oil available and will only use that particular brand. Again remember this. Many teams use a particular type and brand of Motor Oil, be it mineral based or Synthetic Motor Oil or because of a sponsorship package they have with the oil distributor.

In NASCAR, they are concerned about one thing. That engine lasting for one race, be a 400, 500 or 600 mile event. After that race the engine is not a concern to that team any longer. After the race that engine is sent back to the engine shop for a total rebuild and dynamometer testing. Trying to tell that team owner that one brand of racing oil is better than the other or will make their engine last longer will not sell a lot of oil.

In NHRA and IHRA Drag Racing, again in the professional ranks, engines are torn down after each ¼ mile run. Most of these teams do believe in the type racing oil they use and will only use that brand. After each run the racing oil is changed. In Drag Racing, there are several different types of fuel. Many exotic fuels need a special type of racing oil to prevent dilution of the oil because of the fuel used.

In the Sportsman Arena, which is where I am, racing oil is a very big issue for us. We want a dependable oil for our race car. In dirt track and asphalt oval racing, teams will continue to use the same engine for a specific number of races. After each race they perform many different checks to check the serviceability of the engine and continue to run that engine. Most often the racing oil is changed after each race. There is probably equal number of teams running synthetic racing motor oil as those who run regular racing oil. Brand name is based upon who owns, or builds the engines for their cars.

In Sportsman Drag Racing, we will run the same engine for the entire season baring major engine failures. Checks are performed after each race to obtain a base line as to how long they run that engine. Many times the racing oil is changed after each race. But consider this: eight to ten runs of 1/8 of a mile is not a lot of miles so we tend to run the engine the entire year or season or until failure. In Sportsman Drag Racing, the racing motor oil is a very big issue. We want maximum performance out of our engine every run, or trip down the track.

Racing Oil, including Synthetic Racing Oil has earned its place on the shelf and crankcases of many Sportsman Racers. While most all motor oils (regular motor oil) can and are used in the Sportsman Racing Arena we all tend to use the Racing Motor Oil of our choice.

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