Friday, September 21, 2012

How to grow hair faster ?

How to grow hair faster? Awareness of the dangers of the use ofproducts containing chemicals were increasingly improved. Instead, the naturalproducts known as herbal products, organic, or back to nature, the admirationof many people. Included in this loss problem, not a few people who prefernatural hair grower rather than chemical based hair grower.
You're one of those who are looking for natural hair grower? There are severalnatural substances are efficacious as a hair grower can use. Celery, aloe vera,and pecan are the ingredients that has long been known efficacy for treatmentof hair.

1. Celery
Vegetables that one is very easy to find. Beyond the ability to make food tastemore delicious, celery turned out to save the properties as a hair grower,black hair and prevent hair loss.
Sodium, vitamins A and B, calcium, and iron are some of the content found oncelery. Nutritional content of celery makes celery is known to stimulate hairgrowth and keep hair healthy and shiny.

The use of celery as a natural hair grower is very easy.
1. Prepare 10 stalks celery, washed thoroughly, then cut into pieces.2. Furthermore, mashed celery blended way.3. Celery that has been mashed, then mixed with eggs that had been shaken.4. Apply on the hair and massaged her scalp-massage.5. Let stand about 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
2. Aloe VeraAloe vera is known as an ornamental plant. However, later emerged in additionto the use of aloe vera as an ornamental plant, among other processed intofood, beverage, and cosmetic ingredients. In addition, aloe vera is also knownefficacy for treatment of hair. 
You can also use aloe vera as a natural hairgrower. The trick is as follows.1. Prepare aloe vera.2. Discard the skin. Then, the rub-rub it into your scalp evenly.3. Next, head wrapped in a towel and just rinsed the next day.4. This treatment is done every evening for three months continuously.
3. Hazelnut
These herbs also have known of his usefulness as a natural hair grower and copewith hair loss. How to use the candle as a hair grower is as follows.
1. Prepare 6 hazelnuts.
2. Mash until smooth. Add a little water to cook out the oil.3. Rub a hazelnut oil into the scalp and the hair evenly. 
Do this treatmentthree times a week. Your hair growth will be encouraging.
Nature has provided everything that was needed by all mankind. Natural hairgrower can easily be found and used. Using natural hair grower of course, be awise decision. Easy, cheap, and free of side effects. That's natural hairgrower works.

Natural Hair grower does NOT grow hair, but just nourish the hair ...
Nevertheless, natural hair grower actually NOT grow hair, but only nourish thehair. Thus, if someone is having a severe hair loss, natural hair grower is notan appropriate solution, much more hair loss caused by heredity (androgenicalopecia).

One of the active substance that can grow hair properly and approved by theAmerican BPOM (FDA - Food and Drug Administration) is the active ingredientMinoxidil.

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