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Passenger list of the missing aircraft Sukhoi

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Passenger list of the missing aircraft Sukhoi

List of Passengers Lost Sukhoi, Sukhoi Superjet aircraft An-100 are reported missing from a contact on the date of May 9, 2012 around 14:33 pm after 21 minutes take off from Halim Perdanakusuma airport.

Then quickly flew 2 of the National SAR Agency helicopter to search for Sukhoi Superjet 100 when the plane lost contact. As for the chronology of the moments of the Sukhoi Superjet-100 aircraft lost contact as follows.

    At 14.00 pm
    SukhoiSuperjet-100 planes take off to the Port Queen, as stated mission PT Trimarga Rekatama, the joy flight.
    "Then the plane back to Halim Perdanakusumah Airport. Refreshment for a while, "explained Daryatmo.
    Hours of 14:12 PM EDT
    Sukhoi Superjet-100 Take off again
    Hours of 14:33 PM EDT
    Sukhoi Superjet-100 aircraft lost contact

Once the information gets lost contact TNI Chief Marshal Basarnas Daryatmo two helicopters flew directly Bronco and Superpuma. Of Halim and Atang Sanjaya. Because it is not possible, the dense clouds, high winds, Basarnas Marshal TNI again. The one to the airbase, which one to Atang Sanjaya. Air search will resume tomorrow morning. As early as possible allows us to fly if Basarnas Chief Marshal TNI Daryatmo. (I quote from
And below is list of Passenger Aircraft Sukhoi Lost based on data from the Halim air base, there are 41 names on the guest book. All contact numbers they've contacted. Of these, only five people who had been contacted and did not participate in the fuselage. The remaining 36 names could not be reached.  Passenger list of the missing aircraft Sukhoi that I took from :
  1.     Kornel M.Sihombing (DI),
  2.     Edie Satriyo (Pelita water)
  3.     Darwin pelawi (Pelita water)
  4.     Billy Purwoko (Airfast)
  5.     Budi Rizal (artha Son aerospace)
  6.     Syafruddin (Carpedrem standalone)
  7.     Peter Adler (Srivijaya)
  8.     Herman Suladji (Air Maleo)
  9.     Donardi Rahman (Aviastar)
  10.     Eloni (Kartika)
  11.     Husdiana Wijanda (Kartika)
  12.     Arief Wahyudi (TR)
  13.     Nam Tram (Snecma)
  14.     Generous Rudi (Indo Asia)
  15.     Ahmad Faisal (Indo asia)
  16.     Insan Kamil (Indo Asia)
  17.     Edo Edward M (Indo Asia)
  18.     Ismie (Trans TV)
  19.     Aditya Sukardi (Trans TV)
  20.     Indra Halim (PT KAL)
  21.     Rietyan S (PT KAL)
  22.     Dody Aviantara (Magazine Space)
  23.     DN Yusuf (Space)
  24.     Femi (Bloomberg)
  25.     Stephen Kamagi (Indo Asia)
  26.     Capt. Aan (Kartika)
  27.     Joseph Ariwibowo
  28.     Maria Marcella
  29.     Henny Steviani
  30.     Mai Sharh
  31.     Dewi Mutiara
  32.     Sussana Vamella
  33.     Nur Ilmawati
  34.     Rossy Withan
  35.     Anggi
  36.     Aditya

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