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If Your Dog Is Shaking, Here's What You Need To Know

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"My dog is shaking. What should I do?" This is a fairly common concern among dog owners. Dogs generally are quite excitable, and many are known to be full of hyper and frenetic positive energy. This energy increases when they see a person they like, get to do an activity they enjoy, or are about to be fed their meal or a treat. Sometimes, in these situations, they get so excited that they start to shake. It's usually obvious to the pet owner that the dog is excited, and soon their shaking energy is channeled into the activity at hand, be it eating, playing, or greeting the person they like so much.

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How is If Your Dog Is Shaking, Here's What You Need To Know

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But other things can make a dog shake. When the dog is not in a positive and excited mood, a dog trembling is a bit more concerning for pet owners. If your dog's behavior seems atypical, it may just be anxiety and stress, but it could also be a medical condition.

If it's the first time your dog is shaking for no apparent reason, and especially if the dog exhibits other symptoms (vomiting, whining, hiding, excessive panting, or shaking of a single body part alone), take the dog to the veterinarian. "Better safe than sorry" is especially relevant when it comes to the health of humans and animals. Accordingly, this article isn't intended to be veterinary advice for your specific pet; only your veterinarian can provide this. We're just here to give you some background information and help you understand the context surrounding dog trembling and shaking.

That said, if a dog is shaking, it's usually for one of three reasons.

1. The dog is a Chihuahua or other small dog. These dogs shake like it's their second job. Tiny dogs that are light in color are known to appear jittery and scared; their small bodies are simply programmed that way. Once you're familiar with your pet you'll learn to recognize whether the dog is shaking in a normal way or an abnormal way.

2. The dog could have a medical problem. Neurological problems, pain, disease, and even allergies can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. A dog might shake its whole body, or a single body part might twitch. If a dog is shaking in addition to other symptoms, take note immediately. Symptoms can include vomiting, panting, vomiting, refusing food, lethargy, restlessness, pain (avoiding stairs, trouble finding a comfortable position to lay down, etc.), hiding, whining, aggression, and other atypical behaviors. If you take your animal to the veterinarian, they can run the needed tests, from blood work to radiographs, to help determine what's causing the shaking symptoms.

3. Your dog trembling could be a cause of anxiety and stress. If dogs become scared, nervous, stressed, or upset it can manifest itself physically. Changes in routine, location, or ownership can all cause stress for your animal. Because dogs can't speak, we have to use their behavior to read what they are feeling. If the dog is shaking right after any noticeable change in his or her life, see if you can do something to make him or her more comfortable and at ease. It might be enough to calm his or her nerves to a normal state.

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