Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sonicare AirFloss

Sonicare AirFloss is a tool to clean the teeth with an easy and effective. It features a microburst technology that provides air and water microdroplets to remove plaque between teeth, and it is proven safe and gentle on gums and teeth. With the tip of the function keys and guidance that ensure targeted cleansing, Sonicare AirFloss can quickly clean your whole mouth in just 60 seconds.
How to use the:
    Simple one button use to clean your whole mouth in just 60 seconds
    Microburst technology eliminates up to 99 percent more plaque than regular brushing
    Slim, angled nozzle and tip guidance makes it easy to reach back teeth
    Easy to fill reservoir holds 2 teaspoons of water or mouthwash for two use
    Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries last up to two weeks at a cost .
The microburst technology Sonicare applicable Airfloss quick blast of compressed air and micro-droplets of water to clean deep between teeth where a toothbrush can not reach, and with less clutter than oral irrigation. This gentle yet effective technology proven to remove up to 99 percent more plaque in between teeth than brushing with a manual toothbrush alone.
The handle is easy to hold ergonomic nozzle features a sleek, angled for easy access to all areas of the mouth and the tip guidance for the proper placement of the nozzle. End of the guidance makes it easy to find the space between the tooth and place the tip at right angles for maximum cleaning. Simply guide it along the gum line, until you are satisfied between the teeth.
Easy Fill Reservoirs :
An easy to fill reservoir holds 2 teaspoons of water for two full usage. It also can be filled with mouthwash for added oral health benefits.
Rechargeable Battery Lasts Two Weeks Cost
AirFloss has a battery charger lithium-ion rechargeable battery multi-voltage and designed to last two weeks (or 14 uses) on a single charge. Battery indicator light blinks on the power button when it's time to recharge. For added convenience, a standard suitable AirFloss Sonicare charger, eliminating the need for multiple chargers with Sonicare products.
Use Airfloss Sonicare for 28 days and if you are not 100 percent satisfied for any reason.

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