Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vision Glasses

Introduced an innovative product, Vision Glasses to help reduce and restorethe minus, plus eye and cylinders. Method of treatment without glasses orcontact lenses are safe to use for all age groups, ranging from children,adolescents and adults, without surgery and without drugs, and cheap.

Vision goggles made specifically for those who wear glasses or contact lensesfor nearsightedness, farsightedness, and cylinders. Can improve weak eyesightfor all groups including elementary, junior high school and adults. Even thoughparents. Basically, since you use glasses, your glasses into a kind of stick inyour eye. Your result is too dependent on your glasses, your eyesight weakened.Then drawback of glasses are glasses need to be replaced if your eyes aregetting weaker because of the minus, plus or cylinder increases. By using theseglasses, make your vision will recover gradually.

Method use is:
  1. Simply used the first week and a half hours a day (goodfor reading, watching TV, etc.).
  2. The second weekwas increased to 1 hour / day.
  3. The third week was increased to 2 hours / etc longer isbetter to drop / eye recovery of at least 1-3 months to decrease nearsightedness (plus), farsightedness (minus) and the cylinder.
Regular use will help normalize the minimum 30-1 hours/day eye minus,plus,gradually cylinder . no side effects, because only train and stimulatesmuscle-eye muscles weak.
For those of you who have good eyesight disorders myopi / nearsightedness(minus), farsighted (plus) or a cylinder, you will be able to prove themselvesthe truth of the working principle of these glasses when viewing or reading thepaper that you can not see clearly with the naked eye then by wearing theseglasses you will be able to see clearly even without glasses lens.Hal provedthat by wearing these glasses will make your eye muscles to focus so that theshadow of the object falls right in the yellow spot of the retina and thereforeyou can see the clear.

Therapy should be run to address abnormalities in your eyes is to wear theseglasses when watching TV or reading continuously for 15-30 minutes every day,so hopefully will naturally strengthen your eye muscles are already weakened.

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